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Elena, who has been defined as an eclectic artist, is inspired by life stories to unleash her creativity and share it with anyone who wants to stop listening.


Her artistic activity is based on a deep sensitivity and performance of five continent´s music.

More than 10 years in the international scene, 5 albums "Aflamenclass", "Bolerísima", "Vinilo Vintage", "Confianza" aand "Opera's Chakras", endorse the career of this Spanish artist, who has been able to combine several musical genres and create her own and unique vocal style.


With a perfect diction, technique and emotion in a very powerful live that transcends the soul of those who enjoy her in concert. From Opera to Flamenco, from Jazz / Bolero to Classical music of North of India, no musical genre can resist this artist. Because of her passion on stage they have described her as "the Lola Flores of Opera".


"It motivates me not to put mental barriers to my creativity, performing any musical genre, because music is seven notes." Elena Greandia.


Her last show, warm and intimate, reviews Latin American, French and Italian international music of 50´s and 60´s, combined with songs from the EP "Confianza".

"Elena's sincerity, carried through her powerful voice could be felt from the moment she broke out in her first song and enraptured her audience." Elisabetta Merlano. October 2013.


From child, when she was 6 years old, she maked her debut as main dancer in Macama Jonda from José Heredia Maya, showing her passion for flamenco and music and cultures blending. When she was 9 years old, attended to flamenco spiritual songs´ sessions held in her hometown, La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz), thus beginning her training in singing in a self-taught way together with a performance based on passion, sensitivity, vibration, freshness and naturalness.

She looks for where to fit her artistic characteristics, starting professional activities in cinema together with filmmaker Antoni Ribas, until she discovered through Falla, Turina and Granados her passion for Lyric music.
She improved her vocal technique in several Music Academies, among others Sofia-Bulgaria Conservatory and Casa Verdi from Milan-Italy.
Initially, she specialized in Academic Spanish music and Bel Canto and later on in Verismo (Realism). Amongst her recordings appear: Arias by Bellini, Händel, Mozart, Puccini and Verdi.


Her interest in music and cultures blending led her to study and perform classical music from Northern India and to form a group of world music.


Her passion for Flamenco has put her creativity to the test by creating "Aflamenclass" show, returning classic authors´ songs to popular compositions through  Flamenco styles (“palos”) as Alegrías, Bulerías, Colombianas, Fandangos, Court´s Flamenco, Guajiras, Polos, Rumbas…
Her artistic proposal combining Flamenco and Lyric style is based on the link of Nature, Earth, Courage and Red colour of Flamenco style, with Art, Trust, Expression, Tenderness, Ether and Blue colour of Lyrical music.


Elena Greandia has won first award in music performance´s category in second Solidarity Talent Contest for the benefit of Barraquer and SOS Foundations.


Elena has won with her album Aflamenclass the award for best Latin album in February 2016. It was awarded by the prestigious institution "The Akademia" headquartered in Los Angeles, USA.


She has performed concerts in China, Germany, India, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain and USA. She is one of the first Flamenco singers who has given singing Master Classes in Shanghai – China.


“There I was captivated by something more than a voice, but of humility that opens most important curtain for true great people , human quality” Aida Soilán. September 2013

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